Taylor Krauss

Pronouns: he/him

Taylor is Jillian’s newest blood child after a night of far too much drinking turned into a cracked skull on the sidewalk. He seems to be taking things in stride after the initial shock of it all, and has actually been adapting quite well to his new life. Maybe a little too well, but that’s a problem for another time.

Taylor’s basically just a big geek; he likes Star Wars and video games, and is into Doctor Who enough that he was buried with a TARDIS tie on. He’s outgoing and friendly with everyone, and would love to talk to you about the latest Marvel show or the new Dragon Age game or the current Tumblr meme as long as you aren’t trying to make him talk about himself too much.

Yeah, he might be suppressing some stuff. But hey, it’s way easier to drink and play Fallout than it is to think about how your mother’s handling your death, or if your dad even came to your funeral, or the fact that you still don’t even know your own sexuality which you’d think wouldn’t be relevant anymore after death BUT it turns out people still care about that kind of thing. Jeez.

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