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Nyuezvekur (the Vekur for short) is a secret, global society made up of and run by magical beings, namely skaiel and dauor. All members of the Vekur are entitled to housing and resources with which to live on their own should they not wish to engage with outside society. Most dauor survive off of the resources of the Vekur to avoid the complication of reintegrating with society after their deaths, however a fair amount of skaiel seek employment and opportunities elsewhere.

There are jobs within the Vekur, agents who assist with anything from providing housing options to newcomers to helping people connect across the world. They are the backbone of their society and handle nearly all internal affairs.

Hunters are a group of skaiel who separated from Nyuezvekur over a thousand years ago. This schism resulted in many of the Vekur's historical documents being either stolen or destroyed, as well as the deaths of the oldest and most well known dauor. The two groups have been in conflict ever since.

Hunters believe dauor do not belong in their community, and have made it their personal mission to eradicate them to prevent them from killing more people.

SABEL (Satan’s Bisexual Ex-Lover) is a metal band founded by Ty and Jeremy shortly after they met in college. The two of them are the only ones remaining of their original lineup after losing both their bassist and drummer. Val has been their bassist for the last several months, and Darrell recently joined as their new drummer.

Their style is primarily a mix of industrial and alternative metal, and is reminiscent of the Neue Deutsche Härte genre.

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Dauor (meaning unknown) are, in essence, vampires. They are people who should be dead but were instead saved from that fate and converted by another dauor. As a result they now regularly require new blood to function. They no longer age and cannot die save for the complete removal of their head, heart, or all of their blood. While they can be injured or become sick the intake of new blood returns them physically to a default state, removing any afflictions they did not have prior to their death.

As beings who are mostly dead, they straddle the line between life and death and as such have a unique perspective on both sides. They can see and interact with ghosts far easier than anyone alive, and are not easily noticed by the living. This allows them to live under the radar fairly well; combined with the resources of the Vekur many dauor live long, mostly unobserved lives.

Dauor of a certain age can be taught magic, and are in fact the only people who can learn. The color of dauor magic is a pale green, which is shared by all of them.

Skaiel (“shapers”) are people born with an innate ability for magic. It runs in their families, passing from parents to children to grandchildren. Each skaiel’s magic presents itself with a specific color unique to them–while this can also run in families it can be random as well.

The full range and limits of magic is currently unknown. Skaiel do have familiars (or at least some do) and can use them in a variety of ways, including seeing through their eyes or teleporting to their location.

A ghost is the soul of a person who has died but who, for one reason or another, has clung tightly enough to their identity to still retain it. This typically requires some kind of bond to a physical place or item that the ghost cannot part with. Ghosts can be formed from negative or positive emotions–some may come from particularly violent or unjust deaths, while others may form from love felt towards a person or place that they can’t bring themselves to leave.

Ghosts are recognized and tracked by the Vekur, who ensure they are cared for as well as they can be.

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About the Comic

Kinder des Lich is a webcomic about modern vampires trying to figure out life after death. It's a little dark, a little funny, occasionally bloody, and very queer. It also often involves the subject of death, both causing it and coping with it, so read at your own discretion.

If you read a webcomic called Half Death ten years ago and think this one looks suspiciously similar, you're correct! Kinder des Lich is a reboot of Half Death. Yes, some of the characters are very different now.

Whether you knew this world before or are just now discovering it for the first time, I hope it's enjoyable.

About the Author

LegolianM (aka Lego M) is an artist, roleplayer, and certified older queer. He likes playing Bioware games and watching Critical Role. In the real world he lives in Portland, Oregon, and in the virtual world he lives on Tumblr.


Q: What does Kinder des Lich mean?
It’s a play on words from a lyric of the song Willkommen Im Nichts by Eisbrecher. The original lyric is "Kinder des licht" which means "children of light". A lich is an undead creature (usually a sorcerer or a wizard) so "Kinder des lich" would be "children of the undead".

Willkommen Im Nichts encompasses pretty much everything you need to know about dauor: they’re a little wild, a little weird, and they live however they want. It became their theme song while I was planning out the story, and at some point the title came from it too.

Q: Are you German?
No, but Taylor is.

Q: How do you pronounce your made up words?
Dauor: dow-er
Skaiel: sky-ell
Nyuezvekur: nyeh-z-veck-er (y'know, like nyah)

Q: Why make up a new name for vampires?
For fun, and because they don't really follow traditional vampire rules. Less neck bitey, more stabby stab.

Really though, dauor came from an idea that all vampires, ghouls, and other undead across the mythology of all cultures were based off of the same real beings. None of the beliefs or terminology are really accurate because no one actually knows them outside of them. There are plenty of dauor who do call themselves vampires because they enjoy that, but it’s just one of the many names people have created for them.

Q: How are they different from traditional vampires?
Probably the biggest difference is they don’t have fangs, hence the need to stabby stab. They also don’t have the traditional weaknesses (sunlight, garlic, crosses, stakes, running water). We’ve seen them use some powers, but that seems to vary from person to person based on their exposure to magic.

What they do have is the ability to live forever in a body that doesn’t really change. They can cut and dye their hair though, so suck on that Claudia.

Q: Is Tacitus the actual Roman historian Tacitus?
No but he admires his work.

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Welcome to the playlist! New songs will be added sporadically as the story progresses. There won't always be many songs inside of a storyline, but each one will always have its own title song.

Full Playlist : Listen on Spotify | Listen on YouTube

Title song : Willkommen Im Nichts by Eisbrecher (Spotify | YouTube)

Storyline: "When We Started" : Real World by Matchbox Twenty (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "The Fine Line" : Alcohol by Barenaked Ladies (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Fairly Painless" : Lights Out by Breaking Benjamin (Spotify | YouTube)
Comics: "Clothes" | "Photo" | "Trigger" : Ordinary World by Joy Williams (Spotify | YouTube)
Storyline: "Rock On Ancient Queen" : Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Didn St'fy" : Didn St'fy by Billy Joel and Second Beat Songs (Tumblr)
Comic: "Spellbound" : Witchy Woman by Kristin Chenoweth (Spotify | YouTube)
Storyline: "To Find My Place" : The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Secret Sin" : Labyrinth by OOMPH! (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Advantage" : Losing My Religion by Swandive (Spotify | YouTube)

Storyline: "Feeling Like A Villain" : Monsters by Ruelle (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Just The Two of Us" : Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Just The Two of Us" : Magic Man by Heart (Spotify | YouTube)
Comic: "Lives" : The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails (Spotify | YouTube)

Storyline: "Changing of the Seasons" : Fake It by Seether (Spotify | YouTube)

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